3 Bag Laundry Cart Sorter With Foldable Ironing Board

3 Bag Laundry Sorter With Ironing BoardSorting laundry can be a mundane task but with a 3 bag laundry cart sorter, the task can be made easier, faster and less tedious.

The 3 section laundry sorter hamper with wheels allows for easier sorting into different types and colors of clothes as well as easier transportation from one part of the house to another part.

You can sort, fold and iron all in one place with the 3 bag laundry cart sorter with foldable ironing board.

With the laundry sorter, it’s easy to stay organized when doing your laundry.

Wheel it to the laundry room for washing and then wheel it to the ironing corner for ironing.

Most can be easily folded away for easy storage.

It is a very useful and thoughtful gift for new home owners.


3 Compartment Laundry Sorter Cart With Wheels

A large 3 bin laundry sorter with washable bags has many uses.

You can separate dark colored from light color clothes easily and still have another section or bin for extra dirty clothes or maybe delicate clothing that need a special wash cycle.

You can also separate each family member’s clothes into their own different bags. Some families have more than one laundry cart sorter to cater to their needs.

The large bag can easily hold a large load of clothes whether dirty or just washed and dried. You can easily lift up the bag of clean clothes to be carried into the bedroom for packing or perhaps just push the laundry sorter cart with wheels from the laundry room to the bedroom.

Some of these laundry sorters come fitted with ironing board making them even more convenient. This helps keep the clean laundry and iron neatly and conveniently in one place. This would be especially great for small apartment dwellers with limited space whereby you can get 2 jobs done in one small space.

Besides ironing clothes, the ironing board acts as a handy platform for you to fold your clean clothes.

A well organized laundry sorter saves time and gets your sorting, cleaning and ironing done efficiently.

Yes, it would be nice to receive one of these 3 bag multi functional laundry cart sorters as a gift.

Let’s check out these 3 bag heavy duty laundry sorters that would make a lovely housewarming gift

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Honey-Can-Do SRT-01196 Rolling Ironing and Sorter Combo Laundry Center

Honey Can Do Ironing Board and Laundry Sorter ComboThis is like a laundry center complete with laundry bags and an ironing board. This triple laundry sorter makes everything function in an orderly way.

This large 3 bin laundry sorter cart with easy lift up ironing board keeps washing and ironing convenient and organized.

The ironing board has a thick foam pad and 100% cotton cover which is heat resistant. It is not detachable from the cart. The iron is not included.

You can even use the board as a platform to fold your clean clothes.

The 3 removable polyester bags make them easy to carry around. These can be washed.

Each laundry bag can easily hold 2 loads of loading, which means that your 6 loads of laundry can easily fit into these 3 large bags.

It features mesh netting at the sides for ventilation and better airflow for your laundry.

This laundry cart with wheels or casters allow for easy pushing and transportation to different rooms. The 2 front wheels can be locked when you’re ironing and wish the cart to be stationary.

The reinforced 1″ steel frame makes the whole cart strong and durable.

The dual purpose laundry station cart measures 33″ high, 31″ in width and 16″ deep.

It comes with limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

This sturdy 3 bag laundry sorter hamper on wheels with lift up ironing board is a great value buy.

This brand has another laundry sorter that comes fitted with an ironing board and iron rest as well as a shirt hanger. However, this sorter has only 2 sections for laundry bags.

Unlike the other 3 bin sorter which cannot be folded up when not in use, this 2 clothes bin laundry sorter cart can be folded flat when not using.

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StorageManiac 3 Lift-off Bags Laundry Sorter with Foldable Ironing Board, Multifunctional Laundry Cart

storagemaniac 3 lift-off foldable laundry sorter with ironing boardThis multifunctional laundry sorter comes fitted with a built-in ironing board and 3-bag laundry sorter.

The ironing board can be lifted easily and comes with a thick foam pad, heat resistant feature and a cotton/canvas board cover. The iron is not included.

The 3 polyester bags come with handles making them easy to carry around.

Its 4 swivel rolling coasters make it easy to push the triple laundry sorter hamper from laundry room to other parts of the house.

Its reinforced frame ensures durability and long lasting usage.

The laundry sorter cart measures 16.26″ depth, height 32.99″ and 30.98″ width. It has a weight of 13.96 pounds.

The 3 bin laundry sorter with ironing board help you make the best use of your limited living space for your laundry and ironing work.

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neatfreak U5479-EFST Triple Sorter with Ironing Board and Everfresh

neatfreak U5479-EFST Triple Sorter with Ironing Board and EverfreshThis neatfreak triple laundry sorter with ironing board comes with patented Everfresh technology.

Everfresh technology makes use of natural enzymes to reduce odor in an organic way.

The enzymes are built into the fabric of the laundry bag. (You can check out the interesting video at the bottom of this page to learn more about this organic Everfresh technology)

Featuring 3 lift-off solid polyester bags with handles, the neatfreak 3 bag sorter measures 31″ x 16.25″ x 33″.

The sturdy metal frame and easy rolling coasters add to its appeal.

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Here are some choices of the 3 or 4 bin laundry sorter carts with wheels. These do not come with ironing boards

Deluxe Triple Laundry SorterThis deluxe laundry sorter comes with 3 lift-out laundry bags that attach to the frame with metal hooks.

The 3 ivory color bags are made of polyester.

4 easy glide casters and the metal handles on both sides of the sorter allow for easy pushing around the house.

The Deluxe Triple Laundry Sorter measures 30.75” W x 18” D x 33” H with the laundry bags measuring 15.75” W x 8.66” D x 23.62”H each.

There is also a 4 bag laundry sorter design too.

Now, you can keep your laundry properly sorted out with this 3 or 4 bag laundry sorter.

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Laundry Cart Basket Triple Bag Sorter Bathroom Hamper

Laundry Cart Basket Triple Bag Sorter Bathroom HamperImportant features include a rust-free chrome-plated steel frame, four 360 degree swivel wheels, 3 large removable poly-cotton bags and 2 easy-grip loop handles.

The laundry sorter measures 27.8″ x 17.9″ x 32.9″(L x W x H).

The laundry bag measures 8.7″ x 15.7″ x 23.6″(L x W x H).

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