20+ Gifts For Tea Lovers – Unique And Useful

Gifts For Tea Lovers A selection of tea bags and tea leaves packaged in lovely gift boxes would make great gifts for tea lovers.

A beautiful unique teapot set is not only useful but also a delightful gift that lasts.

Dainty tea for one teapot gift set looks lovely and charming for the girlfriend or mom who loves to drink tea.

Giving the tea drinker her/his very own special tea mug makes the afternoon tea more enjoyable.

There are plenty of choices for tea mugs or cups that you can get according to their hobbies or personalities.

Black tea, green tea and even fragrant fruity tea where you have tea scented with fruits and flowers – all make lovely delicious tea gifts.

The tea box set would make a meaningful tea lovers gift as well as a nice housewarming gift.


Gifts For Tea Lovers – What To Buy For Tea Drinkers

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Single Estate Loose Teas from Around the World Box Set

Single Estate Loose Teas from Around the World Box Set

Your tea lover would no doubt have a tea drawer full of different types of tea leaves and tea bags.

A tea collection set that includes a selection of the finest Palais des Thes signature flavored teas and single estate teas from Asia, Africa and America! – how can she/he not love this special tea gift set.

It even comes with a handy tea lover’s guide.

There are 10 tea samples in metal tubes. Each tube can prepare 1 teapot or 5 cups of tea.

The teas include :

  • Grand Yunnan Impérial (flowery and mild black tea of China, perfect in the morning)
  • Long Jing (green tea of China with a delicate chestnut aroma, lightly sweet)
  • Pu Erh Impérial (Chinese fermented tea with intense and powerful scents)
  • Genmaïcha (a unique mix of Bancha tea and roasted rice)
  • Sencha Ariake (green from Japan, perfect in the morning)
  • Butterfly of Taiwan (beautiful Oolong tea, woody and honeyed)
  • Grand Himalaya (a blend made with the best Darjeeling from the First Flush 2013)
  • Margaret’s Hope (a fruity Darjeeling with a great character)
  • Assam Hattiali (a high quality Assam, black tea from India with a spicy and full-bodied liquor)
  • Saint-James (black tea from Sri Lanka)

Impress the tea lover in your life with this lovely Single Estate Loose Teas from Around the World Box Set.


Matcha Tea Recipe Book

Matcha Tea Recipe Book

Your tea lover will not be satisfied with just sipping a cup of aromatic matcha tea.

There are many other ways to enjoy your tea.

What are the matcha-based drinks and cocktails and the sweet and savory foods that pair best with them?

Satisfy her/his curiosity with this Matcha tea recipe book that comes with dozens of tea themed recipes.

Included is a battery-powered stainless steel matcha whisk that comes in useful when blending hot matcha drinks, froth milk, blend dressings and more with just the push of a button.


Vintage Copper Tea Kettle

Vintage Copper EV Wilkes Tea Kettle

Brew your tea just like the way the British enjoy their tea.

This beautiful 100% vintage copper tea kettle comes in a rich, warm copper color complete with a gooseneck spout and hand-cut copper handle.

This 1 qt. stunning kettle is made in England.

If you prefer a larger capacity kettle for your tea parties, then the gorgeous vintage copper large oval English tea kettle, Mid 19th Century would really make you happy indeed.

The vintage copper tea kettle makes a gorgeous gift for your vintage cum tea lover.


Staub Cast Iron Kettle, 1QT

Staub Cast Iron Kettle, 1QT

Another gorgeous tea kettle, the made-in-France Staub cast iron kettle comes in graphite or matte black with stainless steel handles.

The handles fold down for easy removal of the lid.

You can use it as a kettle as well as a teapot – a beautiful teapot that you can put on the stove and bring to the table to serve your cup of tea. Remember to place the hot pot on your teapot trivet to protect your tabletop from the heat.

Green Teas Box Set, Loose Tea

Green Teas Box Set, Loose Tea

This box of loose green teas features 10 green teas along with an introduction book to tastings.

The 10 tea samples are packed in metal tubes and each tube can brew a pot (5 cups) of refreshing green tea.

Made in France, the teas are sourced from China and Japan.

Earl Grey Embossed Filled Jar Candle

Earl Grey Embossed Filled Jar Candle

Crafted of scented wax in a glass jar with metal lid, the Earl Grey embossed filled jar candle is available in small or medium sizes.

Fill your room with the fragrance of hand-poured wax scented with notes of herbal Earl Grey tea.

Made in Vietnam, the small size candle measures 2.87″Dia. x 2.17″H, .19 lb.

The medium size measures 3.15″Dia. x 4.45″H, .64 lb.

Friendship Tea For One, White

Friendship Tea for One, White

Sweet, charming, dainty and elegant, this Tea For One is wonderfully crafted in fine bone china with 22 carat gold lining and pink packaging.

Your tea lover will certainly have a relaxing afternoon enjoying her tea and scones with this charming tea for one set – a truly charming gift for tea lovers.


Bone China Tea Cup

Wonderful Chinese Traditional Bamboo Bone China Tea Cup

Wonderful Chinese Traditional Bamboo Bone China Tea Cup has a large capacity of 800 ml.

To the Chinese, bamboo is a symbol of virtue.

Perfect for your black tea, green tea or even your coffee, this lightweight, smooth and luxurious bone china tea cup with lid is indeed a meaningful gift for tea lovers.

Floral Tea Cup With Saucer

Chic European Afternoon Tea Fine Bone China Porcelain Floral Coffee Mug Teacup with Saucer

Chic European Afternoon Tea Fine Bone China Porcelain Floral Coffee Mug Teacup with Saucer would make an elegant tea gift for her.

Beautiful with vibrant colors, what a cheerful way to unwind with this pretty cup of tea.

If you’re searching for pretty gifts for tea lovers, then this would be just perfect.

Enamel Glass Tea Mugs

Transparent Enamel Glass Modern and Elegant Home and Office Tea Cups

These enamel glass tea mugs come in capacities of 300 and 400 ml.

The whole set includes 2 cups, spoon, coaster and packed in a gift box.

Blue And White Tea Canisters

Blue and White Tea Canisters

These beautiful Chinese blue and white porcelain tea canisters and jars are painted by hand.

These are great for keeping your loose leaf tea, just like in the olden days.

They make lovely decor items too.

These tea canisters would certainly appeal to those tea lovers who love traditional retro stuff.

Tea Forte Solstice Ensemble

Tea Forte Solstice Ensemble - Teapot, Tea Cup, Saucer and Tray Set

This tea for one Tea Forte set includes an elegant porcelain teapot, teacup and saucer, presented on a sleek, ebonized wood tray. What a lovely way to enjoy a cup of tea.

You can also buy the 12 oz teapot or the 6 oz teacup separately.

The ceramic teapot comes with an open-holed lid specially for the leaf-tipped string of the tea infusers to pass through.

Both the teapot and tea cups are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Heritage Tea Gift – The Tao of Tea, Organic Darjeeling Heritage Tea, Tea Bags, 15 Ct

The Tao of Tea, Organic Darjeeling Heritage Tea, Tea Bags, 15 Ct

If your tea drinking friend loves Darjeeling tea, then you should check out this heritage Darjeeling tea from the Heritage Tea Factory, the oldest (est 1888) in Darjeeling, India.

Harvested during the first flush season, it has a complex flavor of white grapes, fruit, and a slight dryness.


Ooling Tea Canvas Print

Premium wrapped ooling tea canvas print is made from an additive-free cotton-poly blend.

You can also get a desk organizer with the same image.

Or perhaps you prefer a keepsake box with this ooling tea image.

Teapots Tea Towel

Colorful and whimsical watercolor teapots on a kitchen towel.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Silver Script Candy Jar

Made of bright white porcelain, this 10 oz candy jar with the cork lid is microwave and dishwasher safe.

It measures 4″ in height (with lid) and has a diameter of 3″.

The cork lid measures 2.25″.

Teapot Stylish Art Deco Lady Vintage Afternoon Tea

This beautiful 11 oz white porcelain teapot would make a lovely gift for the vintage tea lover.

It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral 6-Drawer Spice /Tea Box

The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral 6-Drawer Spice Tea Box
A beautiful decorative tea box that includes 6 removable ceramic drawers for keeping your tea bags or spices.

Green Tea Teapot Ornament

Green Tea Teapot Ornament

This white polished personalized teapot glass ornament is made in Poland by skilled artists.

Gifts For Tea Lovers - Unique And Useful Tea Gifts