Small Cascading Indoor Tabletop Water Fountains With Lights

Small Cascading Indoor Tabletop Water Fountains With LightsThe small cascading indoor tabletop water fountain with lights and the soothing sound of trickling water it creates is indeed a great stress reliever besides having a calming effect on your nerves.

You get the feeling of having a gentle flowing stream right inside your home and brings you closer to nature; sound of water, mossy stone, wood and all.

Such a gift would make a wonderful housewarming gift for the tired new owners.

Besides, it is also a beautiful decorative item.

These zen looking LED tabletop waterfalls with lights are pleasant and therapeutic setting the perfect ambiance for a calm and serene atmosphere.

You can even use the soothing water sounds to lull you to sleep.

It adds a cheerful charm to your modern home.

These indoor LED fountains with their soothing effect make great gifts for office colleagues too.


Lighted Tabletop Water Fountains For Home

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There are so many types of tabletop indoor water fountains.

You can get a 2 tier tabletop lighted water fountain, 3 or 4 tiers as well with the larger ones reaching 6 tiers.

Or you can get one with a decorative sculpture such as the Buddha stone hand water fountain, a staggered rock waterfall to add instant charm and peace to your room.

You can get a lighted tabletop indoor fountain or one that doesn’t come with lights.

You can use a fountain cleanser to keep your fountain free from molds, lime scale, calcium build up or organic contaminants.

Always ensure that there is enough water to cover the submersible pump at all time to minimize splashing of water and the noise from the pump.

Tabletop Water Fountains With Lights – Cascading Water Fountains

Gifting a lovely unique tabletop indoor water fountain is indeed a wonderful idea.

Check out these waterfall fountains with soothing cascading water features that can easily blend into any home decor bringing with them calm and peace.

Sunnydaze Cascading Rocks Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights, 12 Inch Tall

Sunnydaze Cascading Rocks Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Light

Featuring a rich brown, neutral red, gray and green coloring, this durable polyresin cascading indoor tabletop water fountain with lights comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

This cascading waterfall fountain measures 11.75″ x 12″ x 11″ and weighs 7 pounds.

It is fitted with a quiet submersible electric pump that doesn’t drown out the soothing and relaxing sound of the cascading bubbling water.

This electric-powered indoor water fountain with built-in LED lighting doesn’t come with an on/off switch.

You have to unplug it to stop the water flow.


Rustic Walls Cascading Urns Fountain with LED Lights

Rustic Walls Cascading Urns Water Fountain

3 aged urns cascading water down three levels into an LED illuminated pool made of faux worn branches create a peaceful in-home oasis.

It adds a natural soothing outdoor look to your room decor.

Measuring 6″ x 10″ x 4.5″ and weighing just 3 pounds, this cascading water fountain comes with a quiet UL listed submersible electric pump.



Cottage in the Forest Cascading Waterfall Illuminated Tabletop Fountain

Cottage in the Forest Cascading Waterfall Illuminated Tabletop FountainWater gently flows down from the tiles of the roof, collecting into 2 basins, a stone well and a wooden bucket creating such a zen-like idyllic scene.

UL-listed indoor/outdoor pump that constantly recycles water from a hidden reservoir and low-voltage LED lights for that calming effect.

The whole fountain measure 9½” W x 10″ D x 18″ H and weighs 14 pounds.


Lighted Three Tier Soothing Cascading Tabletop Fountain With Rocks

Lighted Three Tier Soothing Cascading Tabletop Fountain With Rocks

Made of durable polyresin, this 3 tiered indoor tabletop fountain with LED lights comes with an included pump that has a maximum flow of 47 gallons per hour.

Add this LED lit cascading fountain to your room for a soothing and calming ambiance.

The fountain comes with natural rocks and 4 numbers of white LED lights illuminating the cascading water truly offers a zen experience.

The fountain measures 8.75″ (L) x 8.75″ (W) x 10″ (H).


Lighted Jug Tiered Tabletop Fountain With 3 Pots and Soothing Sound

Indoor Jug Tiered Tabletop Water Fountain With LED Lights


Polyresin tabletop lighted fountain with water flowing gently from one jar to another.

Decorated with river rocks and a soft glow from the LED lights, this indoor lighted fountain works great as a calming decorative item.

Included pump flows at a maximum flow of 47 gallons per hour.



Tranquil Rock Cairn Fountain

Tranquil Rock Cairn Fountain

Zen stones stacked up on top of each other forming a pleasing and tranquil rock cairn fountain with gently trickling water.

It measures 10″L x 9″W x 12″H and comes with a 6.5′ length cord.

The pumps are UL certified.

Having one of these in the home reminds one of nature and its peaceful surrounding.


Cascading Five Leaves Tabletop Fountain with LED Light, 13 Inch

Cascading Five Leaves Tabletop Fountain with LED Light, 13 Inch

4 leaf tiers come with LED back light.

The gently cascading water cascades down from the top metal leaf right down to the polyresin base where it recirculates.

It measures 6.5″ x 8.75″ and has a height of 13″.



Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles

Alpine Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles, 11 Inch Tall

The fountain is made of cast stone resin with hues of brown and beige.

Instead of LED lights, you get the illuminating soft glow of tealight candles (3 tealight candles are included).

Putting in your favorite scented candles (standard size 1.5″ tea light candles) add to the overall soothing and calming effect of cascading stream of water.

Rocks/stones are included for a more Zen feel.

The fountain measures 9″L x 9″W x 11″H with a 1 year limited warranty.

It doesn’t come with an on/off switch. Just unplug to stop the flow of the water.

It doesn’t work with batteries, needs to be plug in to work.

There are 4 items inside your package – the fountain top, fountain base, the submersible pump and the 3 candles.


Waterfall Tabletop Fountain with White LED Lights

Waterfall Tabletop Fountain with White LED Light, Gray, 13 Inch Tall

This lighted tabletop rock fountain is made of fiberglass and has a natural gray stone look.

A zen fountain with water gently cascading down and illuminated with LED white lights create the right atmosphere for meditation.

This mutiple stream waterfall fountain measures 9″L x 7″W x 13″H  and weighs about 8.4 pounds.

There is a one year limited warranty by the manufacturer.