7 Absolutely Beautiful Modern Giclee Canvas Wall Artwork That Would Make Lovely Gifts

Beautiful Modern Giclee Canvas Wall Artwork Lovely GiftsThe modern Giclee canvas wall art makes a beautiful housewarming gift for new home owners or as special occasion gifts for families and friends.

Home decoration wall decor gifts such as the beautiful wall art pieces add a personal touch to your home.

These Giclee canvas artwork come in various lovely images such as flowers, sea view or amazingly beautiful landscapes.

Bring the peaceful world into your home, enjoy the calm and serenity of a zen garden wall art.

Colorful stretched canvas wall art can add an air of elegance and a touch of color to an otherwise dull wall space.

Quality inks are used to print these high resolution digitally scan images onto thick quality canvas.

Below are 7 absolutely beautiful stretched canvas wall artwork that would make lovely gifts.

Love Wish Lanterns over Paris


The beautiful scene is printed on genuine, poly cotton blend matte canvas using long lasting Epson archival inks.

This results in vibrant colors and a beautiful magical scene.

The canvas print is hand-trimmed and hand stretched over 1.5″ fir wood stretched bars.

It comes ready to hang with a hanging bar at the back.

It would be difficult not to fall in love with this 13″ x 13″ Love Wish Lanterns over Paris canvas wall art.

Flowers in a Vase Auguste Renoir Fine Art Canvas Print

The original is a beautiful still life fine art flower painting by French Impressionist artist, Auguste Renoir c. 1866.

This vase of pretty wild flowers is available in multiple standard as well as custom sizes.

It is printed on canvas made from an additive-free cotton-poly blend.

The special ink-receptive coating used protects the printed surface from cracking during the wrapping process.

Vivid colors and quality canvas printing with all the fine details make this look like a museum piece of wall art.

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Phases Of The Moon Giclee Canvas Artwork

Moon Phases
Moon Phases Wall Art

This set of high definition Giclee modern canvas printing artwork features a crescent moon slowly transforming into the beautiful full moon.

It looks awesome hanging in your living room, bedroom, office etc., looking mysterious and magical.

This framed fine art print is protected by premium shatterproof acrylic.

These are ready for hanging right out of the box.

This framed wall art featuring the different phases of the moon on canvas would also make a wonderful gift for the space lovers or the romantic couple in your life.


Seaview Modern Seascape Giclee Canvas Prints Artwork

Seaview Modern Seascape Giclee Canvas Prints Artwork

Seaview Modern Seascape Giclee Canvas Prints Artwork

Comprising 4 different lovely images of the sea and beach landscape, this 4 piece set measures 12″ x 12″.

For the bigger sizes measuring 20″ x 20″ or 24″ x 24″, you only get 1 single piece/panel of any of the 4 images.

Each panel has a hook mounted on the wooden bar at the back for immediate hanging once unpacked.

This high definition photo printed images on quality canvas artwork is an easy and beautiful way to decorate your living room or bedroom walls.

This seaside canvas wall art is a great way to get the feel of the ocean right at home or to bring back sentimental memories of your lovely seaside holiday. If you love the seaside, then this is perfect for you.

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Retro Flowers Canvas Wall Art Prints Giclee Artwork

Retro Flowers Giclee Canvas Wall Art Prints

Retro Flowers Giclee Canvas Wall Art Prints

Picture photos of flowers printed on high quality canvas hung up on your living room wall remind you of Spring and its beautiful blooms.

The surface is covered by a clear plastic film layer as protection and the edges are painted to complete the picture.

Each of these 4 panels measure 12″ x 12″. You can contact the seller Gardenia Art for special sizes.

These stretched and framed canvas wall art panel comes with a hook for convenient immediate hanging.

Add a touch of Spring to your home decor with these retro flowers canvas wall art prints.

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The Cloud Tree Wall Art Oil Paintings Giclee Landscape Canvas Prints

The Cloud Tree Wall Art Oil PaintingS Giclee Landscape Canvas Prints

Cloud Tree Wall Art Oil Paintings Giclee Canvas Prints

This set of 3 panel canvas wall art comes in 2 sizes, 12″ x 16″ and the bigger size of 16″ x 24″.

The origin of this picture photo is an oil painting. The image looks beautiful in contrasting colors of dark to light to red.

The canvas print is stretched on wooden frame. A black hook comes attached to the wood panel at the back.

The side edges are also printed for a more decorative effect.

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Contemporary Art Zen Giclee Canvas Prints Framed Canvas Wall Art

Contemporary Art Zen Giclee Canvas Prints Framed Canvas Wall Art

Contemporary Art Zen Giclee Canvas Prints Framed Canvas Wall Art

This Giclee artwork printed with high resolution on quality canvas consists of 4 panels measuring 12″ x 12″ x 0.75″ each.

The image wraps around the sides of the frame and come ready to hang with attached hooks.

Stretched out on ¾” wooden frame, this very zen-inspired artwork gives out a calm, tranquil and serene feel.

Tea kettle, bamboo leaves, basalt stones and gentle flowing water in a green background all points to a calm and peaceful zen feeling.

You can also buy just 2 panels of this zen Giclee canvas prints but with slightly different images.

This artwork would be perfect for yoga lovers and those into meditation. Add a touch of calm relaxing zen to any room with these zen-inspired canvas artwork prints.

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High definition picture photo prints on canvas are affordable modern beautiful canvas artwork that help to bring some magical life to your bare walls.

Whether as a cherished housewarming gifts, Christmas or New Year gifts or as meaningful birthday gifts, these high definition modern Giclee canvas wall art pieces would be loved.