Scented Organic Handmade Soap Gift Set

Handcrafted Bar Soap GiftsThis organic handmade bar soap gift set consists of 4 individually wrapped full size scented bar soap using pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils.

Beautifully wrapped in handmade Japanese washi paper, each scented soap has its own unique aromatic fragrance with such lovely names as Golden Crown, Sea Breeze, Luscious Lavender and Green Tea Goddess.

Scented Organic Handmade Soap Gift SetGolden Crown

The Golden Crown scented soap with its luxurious feel is made from Saponified Oils of Pure Olive, Palm Kernel, Avocado, Grapeseed & Oleic Safflower plus Shea Butter and doubly infused with Calendua & White Tea Extracts, oils of orange, rosewood and  frankincense.

Sea Breeze

Dead Sea clay and salt combine with seaweed and scented with an essential oil blend of lavender, oakmoss and fir that brings up pleasant memories of the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

Luscious Lavender

What a great way to unwind amidst the scent of lavender. This lavender scented soap bar is made from saponified oils of pure olive, palm, sunflower, avocado, Apricot, coconut, grapeseed, safflower, rice bran and cocoa butter. It is scented with an essential oil blend of three lavenders.

Green Tea Goddess

Infusions of Comfrey, Chamomile, Calendula and collagen-rich Horsetail as well as green tea are then blended with extra essential fatty acids in a sweet orange herbal blend of essential oils.

Wrapped in handcrafted Washi paper

The beautiful washi paper wrapped soap bars are then packed into an earth colored box that is made from 100% recycled accordion shred. The box lid has an ivory embossed card and the box is tied with a satin ribbon.

Creamy and soft with 4 different pleasant fragrances, this all natural organic scented soap gift set is also suitable for people with dry sensitive skin as these are eco-friendly soaps with no pesticides, preservatives and petroleum by-products.

The 4 individually wrapped scented organic handmade soap bars make an impressive gift set.