Valentine’s Day Gifts For Zombie Lovers

Valentine's Day Gifts For Zombie LoversDeclare your love for your zombie lover with meaningful zombie gifts for Valentine. Valentine’s day gifts for zombie lovers need not be scary, in fact, these could be soft and cuddly with a big red heart filled with loving memories or is it brains?

Whether it’s a soft plush zombie toy or a zombie incense holder, your zombie Valentine gift will be much cherished and loved.

Ghoulishly popular Valentine gifts sure are freaking fun!

Zombie Valentine Gifts

Zombie Plush Toys

Cuddling a zombie plush toy while watching a zombie show feels wonderful if you are a fan of zombies or Walking Dead.

Zombie Valentine teddy bears, a Dead dude, a cute zombie monster or a pretty scary plush zombie doll with deadly loving messages will make great gifts for zombie fans.

Love Zombie Toy – I Chews You 8.5-inch Plush Doll

Love Zombie Plush Toy - I Chews You 8.5-inch Plush DollThis standing 100% blue polyester fiber zombie monster doll is holding a big red heart with the loving zombie message ‘I Chews You’.

The zombie doll comes with 2 black beads eyes, one smaller than the other.

Stitched scars and a crocked smile give it a more authentic zombie look.

The height of this doll is 8.5″ and filled with poly fiber fill for that plush feel.

Zombie lovers will find this cute and adorable. Being not too gory, even zombie loving kids will love these too.

Besides the ‘I Chews You’ plush zombie doll, there are also others with equally loving embroidered zombie messages such as this “I heart you for your brains‘ or the truly loving ‘Zombody Loves You‘ zombie message.

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15″ Zombie Love Teddy Bear

15inch Zombie Love Teddy BearThis cuddling zombie Valentine teddy bear is another plush toy your zombie lover would love snuggling with.

Complete with dead and dull grey fur, facial scar, tattered pants and even holding a stuffed brain tied with a red ribbon, this will light up the eyes of your loved ones on Valentine’s day.

The t shirt with the message ‘I love brains you’ adds to the lovely zombie ambiance.

The stuffing is 100% recycled.

Handmade in Vermont, USA, this makes a cuddly affectionate Valentine zombie gift.

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Think Geek Zombie Plush Slippers

Think Geek Zombie Plush SlippersThese oversized plush zombie head slippers do not come with a right or left foot.

It is a one size fits most up to a size 12 for men.

These cute plush greyish-green slippers come with nice details such as hanging eyeballs and exposed brain.

‘Zombies eating your feet’ will certainly appeal to zombie enthusiasts.

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Zombie Gift Baskets

Show your affection with a zombie Valentine’s day gift basket filled with red brains, zombie chocolates etc.

Whether you’re looking for a zombie Valentine’s day gifts for her or him, gift baskets are good choices and make easy Valentine gift ideas.

Check out these Valentine zombie gift basket ideas and send one to your zombie lover this Valentine.

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift SetMade in Louisiana, USA, this zombie hot sauces gift set consists of 4 different heat level sauces packed in 6oz plastic bottles.

You get the Zombie Louisiana-style original mild hot sauce, the extra heat Zombie antidote hot sauce, the Zombie Cajun garlic hot sauce and the medium heat Zombie Lagniappe sauce.

You get a delicious kick out of your meals with these flavorful zombie Cajun hot sauces.

The interesting paperback book ‘The Zombie Cajun Chronicles; A Time to Run’ is also included. There are some delicious Cajun recipes in the book too.

Taken twice a day, the Zombie hot sauces will prevent you from turning into a walking dead zombie if bitten by one! – so says the paperback book story.

This is indeed a great gift for a zombie lover who loves hot sauces.

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Valentine Zombie Apocolypse Survival Gift with Milk Chocolate Brain

Valentine Zombie Apocolypse Survival Gift with Milk Chocolate BrainI love you more than zombies love brains – how sweet and dead romantic!

This Valentine zombie survival kit includes one solid milk chocolate Zombie brain, an emergency flint fire starter, red 9 LED flashlight, Zombie skin snacks (gross!), emergency solar Mylar insulating blanket (52″ x 84″), nukes energy candy and a 5″ vinyl sticker with the words ‘Zombie Outbreak Response Team’.

With this set, you’ll be well prepared for any emergency the Zombie way.

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Zombie Desk Accessories

Surprised your loved one or coworkers with a zombie desk accessory.

Get some macabre attention, watch your friends freak out with this rather gory looking undead desk accessory. That would be fun?

Design Toscano Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory

Design Toscano Impaled Zombie Desk AccessoryMade of quality designer resin, this gory desk accessory measures 7″ in length and 3″ in width.

It weighs about 4.8 oz.

This zombie pen or pencil holder is hand painted with all the gory details of the rotting undead.

You get the bloody face, neck , hands and legs wounds, blood splattered shirt, rotting teeth and the usual creepy stuff associated with the zombies in all its amazing details.

You can impaled this zombie with a pen/pencil (pen/pencil not included). This dead zombie comes with a dark red pen/pencil holder hole right at its chest.

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Mustard M16022 Zombie Bookends

Mustard M16022 Zombie BookendsThe package contains a pair of metal bookends with a zombie statue on one side.

These 2 bookends measure 180″ x 150″ x 145″.

Get these 2 cute metal zombie bookends to guard your zombie books collection or gift it to a zombie fan and make her/his day.

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Unique Valentine Zombie Gifts

There are lots of lovely unique zombie Valentine gifts for him and her such as zombie salt and pepper shakers, zombie ashtrays, incense holder, coffee mugs with undead messages, mobile phone holder and lots more, each just as gruesome as the other.

Are you looking for the zombie head ashtray for your walking dead lover or cool zombie kitchen gadgets for the zombie mom?

Look what I found selling on Amazon. There’s a unique Valentine gift for each and every zombie lover.

Evil Undead Zombie Head Ashtray Statue with Cover

Evil Undead Zombie Head Ashtray Statue with CoverLift up the top part of the zombie head to reveal an ash tray on the lower part of the rotting head.

Made of resin, the head measures 5.5″x 3.5″x 5″.

Gory details such as bloody forehead gashes and rotting teeth with its big gaping mouth add to its deadly charm.

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Zombie Incense Holder Collectible Aroma Scent Burner Sculpture Figurine

Zombie Incense Holder Collectible Aroma Scent Burner Sculpture FigurineMade from cold cast resin, it comes at a length of 9.5″.

Gruesome details such as wounds, blood all over, rotting flesh and teeth and torn tattered clothes make this a great zombie gift for those who love to burn incense (Incense not included)

You poke the stick of incense through its heart.

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Walking Undead Zombie Salt Pepper Shakers Holder Sculpture Resin

WALKING UNDEAD ZOMBIE SALT PEPPER SHAKERS HOLDER SCULPTURE RESINMade of cold cast polyresin acrylics, this zombie salt and pepper shaker holder is hand painted and polished.

It measures 6.5″ L x 5.5″ H x 4″ W, it comes with all the fine gory details fit for a zombie figurine.

It does look creepy and scary with the 2 shakers in its eye sockets and its wide gaping mouth with the rotting teeth, a must-have for the zombie home cook.

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Elixer of the Undead Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

Elixer of the Undead Zombie Wine Bottle HolderThis cold cast resin zombie head is made in such a way that its hands and mouth can hold most 750 milliliter wine bottles at an angle. This helps in preserving the life of the cork.

It measure 12″ L x 8″ H x 6.5″ W.

Hand painted with minute details of rotting flesh and all, this undead zombie wine bottle makes a lovely Valentine’s day gift for your zombie wine drinking friend.

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Zombie Coffee Mugs Valentine Gifts

These coffee mugs can be cute and captivating even though gory looking at the same time.

Your coffee lover zombie friend would be delighted to have their morning-pick-me-up cup of coffee with such mesmerizing zombie coffee mugs.

Zombie Head Coffee Mug

Zombie Head Coffee MugMade of quality ceramic, this grotesque zombie mug is certainly not every one’s cup of tea or coffee but your zombie lover will most probably love it because of all its gory details.

Well, this mug certainly passes all the scary criteria to qualify as a scary zombie coffee mug.

You can check the price here

If you are looking for personalized coffee mugs with such loving messages such as ‘I love you more than zombies love brains’, then you can check out this personalized mug.

A personalized zombie coffee mug for Valentine with your very special message is indeed a meaningful and thoughtful gift.


These Zombie Valentine’s day gifts make wonderful housewarming gifts too, especially during the season of love.